Reloading Components

Reloading Necessities

Reloading Dies
These are the most important links in the reloading process. You'll need a set of dies for each caliber you plan to reload. There are three dies in sets used for loading straight-wall-type cases and two dies in sets used for loading bottleneck-type cases. The third die in a three-die set is used to expand the mouth of straight-wall cases. In a two-die set, expanding is done in the sizer die.

Shell Holder
You'll need shell holders to match your dies for the calibers you'll be reloading. They provide a firm grip on the case to ensure trouble-free reloading.

We carry top brands like Winchester, CCI, and Federal. These are the "spark plugs" that initiate the entire ballistic chain reaction with the squeeze of a trigger. Every CCI and Federal primer provides consistent, reliable performance. Available to fit pistol or rifle calibers.

Count on Speer to provide the best bullet for the job. From their super-premium Grand Slam big-game bullet to their technologically advanced TMJ Totally Metal Jacketed handgun bullet and everything in between. Speer delivers exactly what you need. Take a look at our latest catalog for a complete lineup of Speer bullets. We also carry top brands like Hornady, Nosler, Sierra and can special order any other top brands you want.

You'll have a choice of several different powders. Choose the one that performs best for your particular cartridge. Consult the Speer Reloading Manual for more information.

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Guide to Reloading

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